musexpo showcase artists


Sunday, March 20th

6:15pm: Keir Gibson - Stage 1

7:00pm: Single By Sunday - Stage 1

7:30pm: Lauren Waller - Stage 2

8:00pm: Stereotide - Stage 1

8:30pm: Piqued Jacks - Stage 2

9:00pm: Lou Ella - Stage 1

9:30pm: Danny Baldursson - Stage 2


Monday, March 21st

6:15pm: Ivy Flindt - Stage 1

6:45pm: Calyco - Stage 1

7:15pm: Shira - Stage 1

7:45pm: Roman - Stage 1

Tuesday, March 22nd

6:15pm: Tim Schou - Stage 1

6:45pm: Baker Grace - Stage 1

7:15pm: Marie Chain - Stage 1



Origin: Denmark
Contact: Mette Zähringer

Song: "Comeback"

A couch surfing singer/songwriter Tim Schou, who back in 2013 made the bold decision to swap normal life for one of rich worldly experiences traveling the globe, is back. After 7 instructive and inspiring years as a musical world-traveling rover, Tim has landed in Denmark with a new debut album, a documentary, tour dates, and of course a fan base that stretches across the globe.

2020 – a very busy year

Tim Schou holds the bar when it comes to hard work and consistency. Fresh off an intense touring schedule of over 150+ intimate concerts and loads of studio sessions the Danish singer/songwriter shows no signs of slowing down as he prepares for an extremely exciting 2021. Fans can expect a jam-packed debut album, documentary and even more concerts.2020 saw the release of the single " Where You Are ", which made The Top 100 on the Danish airplay chart for 10 straight weeks. The single got airplay in 12 different countries and was a.o. featured by MTV in Germany. The Danish morning show, 'Go' Morgen Danmark 2020 (Good Morning Denmark) invited Tim to play an acoustic version of the single live on national TV . On Spotify Tim has exceeded 15 million streams and on Danish national radio stations he has more than 3200 airplays. To top it all off, Tim was cast to replace Justin Timberlake as the voice in the Danish version of the DreamWorks animation 'Trolls World Tour':

Tim Schou will be a force to be reckoned with in 2021 following a busy 2020; in November Go Go Berlin released their EP "LYFE", with Tim as songwriter on the singles "Struggle Is Real" and "I Never Meant To". Likewise Tim is a featured songwriter on Kill Buzzbee's "Save Yourself" and Liberty's (Mattias Kolstrup's) "I'm Back". During 2020 Tim worked with composers and artists such as Iris Gold, Ella Henderson, Viktoria Siff, Freja Kirk, Sick Individuals and the Texas duo, KTJ & Carly.

In October 2020 the documentary series "Et Giftigt Venskab" (A Toxic Friendship) " premiered on the Danish national TV channel DR3. Viewers were able to get a personal look into the life and friendship between Tim and Danish filmmaker, Lukas Valentin, which will air in its entirety in the spring of 2021. While DR3 aired the series as 'prime time' entertainment and drama, the upcoming documentary gives a greater insight into the long, hard and interesting journey that Tim Schou has taken. Lukas began filming Tim's journey back in 2016 and have remained close friends ever since:

The debut album "Hero/Loser" 2021

Tim Schou heated up a cold 2020 winter with a sold-out tour, starting with two sold out concerts at the Royal Danish Playhouse. During the same time he was busy in the studio, writing songs for his coming debut album "HERO/LOSER", of which he has without doubt established himself as an exceptionally skilled songwriter and vocalist. The first single off the album entitled "COMEBACK" released January 2021 which marked a new chapter in Tim's career as an artist and composer. The single has become a symbol of the 'comeback' that the entire world is in dire need of after a year filled with big challenges and social deprivation.

Alongside the album the single "Mad Love" featuring the young Danish rising star Sowfy released. The beautiful duet is written in co-operation with the prominent English artist and songwriter, Ella Henderson.

Schou-camp festival 2022

Tim Schou continues the much anticipated annual fan event 'Schou-Camp', which is centered around a whimsical outdoor mini festival. The audience will be able to see and hear both new and established stars like Christian Vium (Go Go Berlin), Mattias Kolstrup (Dúne), Mathilde Falch and Ida Wenøe.