musexpo origins

A&R Worldwide The origins of MUSEXPO stem from the roots of the intimate, Globally Challenged and A&R Network (the predecessor to A&R Worldwide) networking dinners in Los Angeles, which first occurred back in 1999 and have since traveled to New York, Sydney, Mumbai, Helsinki, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Nashville, Beijing, New Delhi, Perth, Auckland, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul, Dubai, Toronto, Hamburg, Munich, Amsterdam, Moscow, Berlin and London. These exclusive dinners were organized by A&R Network and A&R Worldwide founder and architect Sat Bisla with the purpose of bringing together friends and like-minded relationships from the global radio, A&R, film/TV music supervision, publishing, new media and artist management communities to engage in creative dialogue and establish fresh business relationships.

It was the positive culmination of these organic networking dinners that spawned the creation of the multi-day MUSEXPO, which has been held in N. America, Australasia and Europe. A&R Worldwide President/Founder Sat Bisla explains, "These exclusive dinners were organized with the purpose of bringing together friends from the international creative and business communities to connect with similar like-minded, forward-thinking professionals--all with the intent of discovering new music, broadening organically crafted relationships and creating unconventional ways of doing business in a rapidly changing global market. Now, many dinners later with thousands of executives having participated, we have evolved the concept of the A&R Worldwide dinner meetings to the next level and created MUSEXPO. Our ethos is to continually evolve, teach and inspire forward-thinking minds as well as create new platforms that will build the bridges for the future of our multifaceted business, as well as providing a showcasing platform for the creme de la crme of emerging international talent on a global stage of key decision-makers, as well as influential press and media."

MUSEXPO is an unprecedented and exclusive opportunity to interact with a wide range of influential decision-makers from the international music, live, media and technology industries all brought together again in Los Angeles at MUSEXPO. Created by popular demand, the inaugural MUSEXPO enriched the experience created at the A&R Worldwide dinners, creating a climate that attracted executives and artists to travel from over 30 countries across the world to participate -- all because they understand the value of discovering and developing fresh new relationships, inspirations and solutions in an ever-changing worldwide music-connected community.

musexpo early photos

Top: Rob Scott (Founder, Sandcastle Music, Australia)
Dan McCarroll (President, Warner Bros. Records)
Ron Laffitte (Partner, Maverick Management)
Bottom: Jed The Fish (former DJ, KROQ Los Angeles)
Andrew Phillips and Rick Morrison (formerly RCA Records Group)

Jeff Aldrich (Manager, AAM, Inc.)
Andrew Phillips,
Stephen Prendergast (former EVP, Instant Live/Live Nation)

Paul Samuels (VP Intl A&R, Atlantic Records, UK)
Jeff Smith (Head of Music, BBC Radio 2 (UK))
Craig Kallman (Chairman/CEO, Atlantic Records Group)

Sat Bisla
Missy Higgins (Multi-Platinum Australian artist)
John Watson (Manager of Missy Higgins, Silverchair)
Rob Scott (Founder, Sandcastle Music, Australia)

The late Gerry Tolman (Manager, Crosby, Stills & Nash)
Kenny The Tick (Director of A&R, Red Bull Records)
Andrew Phillips,
Jeff Sosnow (EVP A&R, Warner Bros.)

Graeme Lowe (A&R Mgr., Island Records UK and Mgr. of Kasabian)
Andrew Phillips
Safta Jaffrey (Managing Director, Taste Music, UK)
Stephen Sessa (Attorney, Reed Smith Hall Dickler)

Sarita Jagpal (former Deputy Head of Music, BBC Radio 1, UK)
Jeff Smith (Head of Music, BBC Radio 2 (UK))
Clive Dickens (co-Founder/Partner, Absolute Radio Intl.)

Zane Lowe (DJ, Beats 1/Apple)
Sat Bisla (President/Founder, A&R Worldwide/MUSEXPO)
Dave Holmes (Worldwide manager of Coldplay)

Jem (Platinum UK artist signed to ATO Records with A&R Worldwide's direct support)
Sat Bisla
Gary Mandel (Attorney, SSB UK)
Chloe Griffiths (Executive, First Access Ent't)

Dylan White (Founder, Dylan White Plugging)
James Dewar (A&R Executive, Sony/ATV)
Safta Jaffrey (former worldwide manager of Muse)
Nick Gatfield (Founder, Twin Music, Inc.)